Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yesterday I got to experience a something I didnt know I would ever get to do.

I got to experience this to the left....
Yeah thats the shop where the television operations keeps everything that isnt in use.
You wouldnt believe whats all in there...cause i didnt.

We were re arranging some things because the shop is a mess and we need to be able to find things once again.
This is me up top moving stuff around so we can put stuff up top.

Steve is on the ladder and i was handing up some IKE monitors and Some sony monitors to stack on the top shelf. these werent even the half of them.

Thats Bill my professor up top moving and putting stuff in its new place. it was funny watching bill walk around like a monkey.
It was something else I tell you what.
haha so this was my first time in the shop and probably not my last. I thought i would share this safari with you because it was great.
Oh i think im going to start posting a picture of the day. I dont have a iphone or a good phone yet but the pics arent that bad so I will start posting new pics of the day starting this week.
I got this idea from and his facebook page.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Went home for spring break last week and decided to take along my camera and take some pictures.

One of the maskes i will own someday. Grandma H collected many of these and I will love to have her collection one day. Looking forward to it!
Dad actually carried this one on the plane to get it home from florida. there is one more that i want but i wont get for awhile but it is amazing.

I like this pic cause it proves that it was kind of warm out but the snow wouldnt go away. living at the top of PA kinda sucks. I thought this was a neat one but it sucked that it was my spring break and i was still in snow...

ill be posting some every so often. started working on the buisness some more today got alot accomplished. finally figured out a logo so that is a good thing.

Plan on more pics cause I love Photography and Videography. Maybe posting some video here soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just wanted to say hi... Long as day.. updated the blog alittle bit today.. more to come.

Quote of the Day - " Sorry guys it didnt record we have to do it all over again..."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How about this...

So im back in waynesburg after spring break... i was going to have a meeting but i ended up pounding the sauce and it turned into talking shit on people breaking phones and making fun of timmy... but i guess its just like any other day. hmm i guess ill finish the day off on a good note.. ill be back with more... remember never drink at 330 in the afternoon because you dont get anything accomplished and nothing can come out good about it...